Burnout feels different for everyone

Burnout feels different for everyone.

When I first started speaking about burnout following my own very long, hard and intense burnout which included multiple health conditions, anxiety, chronic fatigue, brain fog and insomnia resulting in 6 months of sick leave and eventually leaving my corporate job…

I thought everyone experienced burnout to this degree.

As I have continued on my own burnout recovery and coached many women through theirs over the last 6 years I have come to some key realisations.

Burnout can be much more subtle than the pinnacle of my own. I hadn’t known it then but I was burned out for many years prior to that very difficult period AND I was burned out in the years following that period, though to a lesser degree on both sides.

The symptoms of burnout such as low energy, low motivation, feeling stressed, feeling lost, low mood, compromised health and a feeling of going through the motions, are often over looked and considered a ‘normal’ part of life.

Burnout isn’t necessarily a persistent state (unless you fail to address it before that point like I did) rather people tend to go in and out of it. They notice they feel burned out, make some shifts and then feel better only to wind up back there some time later.

If you resonate with any of the above, please don’t dismiss it.

Believe it or not feeling burned out is actually a blessing!

It’s a wake up call to make changes to your life and importantly your way of being.

It’s a catalyst for you to see that life can be so much more rewarding and fulfilling than you are currently experiencing.

Take the hint before you experience total wipe out like I did!

If you feel called to finally step into a version of you that puts an end to the burnout cycle?

You are invited to message me to discuss how I can guide you on your journey to a more energised, peaceful and vibrant you.

I am currently supporting women in a couple of ways –

💜 1-2-1 Coaching

If you feel inclined to this level of intimate support book a complimentary 15 minute consultation call to discuss further and feel into whether we are an aligned fit at this time.

💜Vitalise! Membership

If a lighter touch and community based support feels good right now you may consider my membership. Here you’ll find a satisfying mix of mindset support with a monthly Hot Topic Kit and Group Coaching call along with healing techniques to support the body directly, namely Reiki Healing and Breathwork. With the added bonus of a community of likeminded and inspired women also on a healing journey.

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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