Spiders dismantle their webs during an eclipse

Spiders dismantle their webs during an eclipse 🌑 🕷️

As we enter into eclipse season in the next few weeks we are asked to do the same…

Break down old paradigms, old ways of being, outdated belief systems and behaviours that we have outgrown and healed beyond and rebuild our mental, emotional and maybe even physical environments to represent who we are becoming, the next level version of ourselves.

I am already seeing these energies building in my clients (and personally).

They are finding things are intensifying, there are things they can no longer ignore! Situations that they weren’t happy with and/or are creating a sense of struggle are now becoming really uncomfortable.

This energy invites you to let go of people, places, things, thoughts and behaviours that don’t align with the next version of you.

If you are willing to lean into the energy, what awaits you is a version of you and your life that feels more peaceful, more purposeful, more engaging.

It’s a time to be courageous and let go of the certainty of what is as you trust in what is to come, even if you can’t fully form it in your minds eye as yet.

To support you as you move through these energies I have created thought provoking and activating journal questions for you.

If you want me to share these with you message “eclipse” here and I will send them straight to your inbox 💜

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