Good things can come easy…

Good things can come easy…

The daily and the mundane can be enjoyable…

Work does not have to be a grind…

And you do not have to accept your lot!

7 years ago I was in corporate, I worked long hours, spent most of my day indoors and much of that scrunched up over a desk looking at a screen, work was the priority and my personal life and wellbeing came secondary.

I was operating from a place of I must be more, productivity is what creates my worth and the path to success is hard.

I burned out and thank f*ck I did because it was the catalyst I needed to shift gears and view life through a whole new lens.

It’s taken some time, healing and unlearning what society led me to believe was fact…

But fast forward to today when I decided, because I can and because I felt like it, to deliver message coaching to a client as I did laps around the lake in the autumn fresh air.

I am so enjoying this more easeful phase of my life.

It allows me to soften, relax, feel calm and capable.

I feel peaceful, nourished and aligned.

Did I find myself here by luck?

Absolutely not!

I created my circumstances by listening to my souls desires, having faith, taking aligned actions and allowing myself to be supported as I navigate obstacles, resistance and fear.

And I am not done yet. I continue to accept myself as a powerful creator of my life and am doing all the things to create even more joy and fulfilment.

Do you want to come along for the ride?

My joy is to guide women on a journey from burnout and a mediocre existence, to reclaiming their vitality and becoming who they came here to be.

Together we get you out of survival mode and carve the path to an era of you thriving in life.

If you are ready to receive support and accountability that facilitates you coming into alignment with your soul desires and purpose, click here to arrange a complimentary 15 minutes consultation call to explore which of my services is going to serve you most powerfully for where you are at in your journey.

Speak soon soul sister 😉💜

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