Burnout is the result of living out of alignment with our true selves for too long.

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When we abandon who we really are to live up to unrealistic expectations of who we think we should be we dim our own spark doing so.

If this resonates with your soul, the forthcoming ONE DAY RETREAT that Yvonne Benison and I are holding in Surrey on July 13th could just be the medicine you need right now.

Both of us came from a corporate background and experienced multi year burnouts.

We’ve both been on a journey of rediscovering our true selves which has afforded us the return of our wellbeing and joy.

I can assure you that both of us on a deep level understand your frustration when people say ‘just be yourself’!! If only you knew how right!

Well that’s exactly what Yvonne and I specialise in, helping you to know you on a deep level so that you can live life more fully, peacefully and enjoyably.

We want to support you on your journey of shifting from surviving life to thriving in life.

For this one day retreat we will bring together our unique skills in a fusion that will take you on a powerful journey of self discovery and deep relaxation so that you can enjoy…

➡️ Better health

➡️ Peace of mind

➡️ More passion and motivation

➡️ Better quality relationships

➡️ A sense of purpose and fulfilment

This retreat is for you if you’re a woman with an overwhelming feeling of…


Message me for full details, including an early bird price for the first 5 women to book their spot, or to ask any questions 💜

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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