Come on then be honest with me…

Come on then be honest with me…

How are you getting on with your new year resolutions and goals?

The stats say that 80% of New Year’s resolution fail!

Makes you wonder why we bother 🤔

And you may have seen I didn’t bother. I said no thanks to resolutions and instead opted for intentions.


Less rigid =
More likely to stick to them

Focussed on a way of being which is evolutionary =
Less binary.

The win/loose dynamic of a goal/resolution tends to lead to the perfectionist within us quitting when we fail to keep a clean sheet!

What has this mindset swap meant for me?

I’ve done loads of yoga this year 🔥

No idea how much because I’m not counting!

Every single time I’ve rolled out my mat it’s because in that moment I want to, there’s never been even a speck of ‘should’ about it. Just pure want.

I feel my progress and it feels sustainable. It feels enjoyable.

My progress comes from a place of loving myself rather than needing to achieve so as to be able to love myself!

Taking a kinder and more gentle approach with myself actually leads to more progress.

If you want to create a you that enjoys sustainable growth, progress and change in place of stop/start, all/nothing/, boom/bust cycles let me know.

I’ve been on a journey to get me to this place of loving me this well and I’d be honoured to share the wisdom learned with you so that you too can love yourself well 💜

Drop me a message to discuss the different ways you can work with me.

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