Does no roll off your tongue a lot more easily than it used to?

natalie may 21.1

Are you becoming more comfortable with expressing your needs and putting boundaries in place?

Perhaps you’ve noticed with these changes your energy is improving, you don’t feel quite so pent up and resentful, and there’s a bit more space in life for yourself?

AND sometimes do you catch yourself still falling into old habits of saying yes when you want to say no, not speaking up when someone crosses the line to keep the peace, and playing down what you want and who you really are so as not to displease others?

I get it, people pleasing recovery is multi layered and happens over multiple time periods, and yes I am very much speaking from experience.

We break the habit of putting ourselves to the bottom of the pile to gain approval by staying committed to the course of creating more self love and self worth, and we do this through fostering a deep relationship with ourselves.

If this is a journey you find yourself on and you’re ready to take self love and self awareness to the next level, and enjoy some deeply relaxing healing, I have just the thing to support you on the next leg of your journey!

I am delighted to share that myself and Yvonne Benison have joined together in collaboration to bring to you a ONE-DAY RETREAT in Surrey in July.

It’s set to be a fantastic day full of insights, healing and practical tools you can use in your every day life to take your fulfilment in life up a notch.

You can find full details on the link and there’s an EARLY BIRD OFFER for the first 5 women to reserve their place.

We hope to see you there 💜

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