I held a retreat and you were NOT invited!

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I held a retreat and you were NOT invited!

This was a one day, pre planned retreat for one – me ☺️

It included a leisurely morning, creative writing, music, sunshine, beautifying, journaling, self reflection, yoga and meditation.

It has been lush 💜🤩💜

I’d give it 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone who serves others in anyway whether you be a mother, manager, coach etc…

If you give to others in any capacity you need this because if you want or need to keep giving to others you must to give to yourself too!

If you don’t?

You BURNOUT and ultimately end up doing the thing you really don’t want to… not be able to show up for others when you said you would or show up but resentfully

And if you know you ‘need’ to fill up your own cup but can’t ever seem to make you a priority or feel consumed with guilt and self indulgence?

Then you need me to help you see that you are just as WORTHY OF YOUR OWN LOVE as everyone else!

Message me to learn how to love you well and feel good about it 👉🏽💜

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