I was breastfeeding on the left and taking notes on the right…

I was breastfeeding on the left and taking notes on the right…

Last night I joined a group zoom call for female business owners and my girl joined me.

I could have used the fact I’m a single parent with no childcare, near bedtime as an excuse, and a previous version of me would have.

The words ‘I can’t because…’ would roll off my tongue far too easily.

You see I’d gotten used to keeping myself stuck and playing small in my life.

I’d forgotten just how freaking resourceful I am and how when I put my mind to it I can make any situation work.

I’d forgotten how when I am committed to myself and my growth I will always find a way.

And so we rocked up to the call, camera on, no hiding my truth.

I left the call before the end to get my girl to bed and today I will watch the rest on the recording.

Anything is possible when you believe it is!

So if you’re looking at my forthcoming The Journey Back To You 8 week group coaching container thinking I can’t because…

Stop and observe yourself for a moment.

What’s really going on for you here?

Are you used to keeping yourself stuck?

Are you more committed to your suffering than you are to your growth?

Are you fearing change?

Do you just not want to grow?

Maybe you don’t know, don’t yet have the ability to know yourself in this way?

And that’s ok.

Take a leap of Faith. Put the excuses to the side, push through the fear and step up for you.

This beautiful 8 week group container will take you on a gentle and loving journey to knowing yourself so well.

It will adorn you with knowledge, insights, innerstanding and practical tools for knowing you, loving you, understanding and overcoming your blocks, all with the purpose of bringing more joy and vitality to your each and every day.

Together for you we will create –
💜 More happiness
💜 Better health
💜 More energy and vitality
💜 More peace in your heart and soul
💜 More clarity and direction
💜 More deeply connected relationships
💜 A loving relationship with yourself

Dare to remember how resourceful you are.💜

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