It’s never too late to find your confidence!

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It’s never too late to find your confidence!

This beautiful soul has been struggling with her confidence for 40 odd years 🤯

It’s been crippling her ability to enjoy conversations and connections, especially at work but even with family.

Her confidence has been so low she avoids saying hello to colleagues assuming they don’t want to speak to her😢

She runs all sorts of soul destroying stories in her mind such as ‘behind my back they say I’m boring’ and ‘they think oh no when they have work with me’.

We first did a consultation a few years ago and at that time she just wasn’t ready.

More recently she reached out and said she’d had enough and was ready.

So far we have done just two sessions and she is already feeling a change and more able to have conversations 💫🌟💫I am so happy for this wonderful lady.

Shine bright beautiful soul, let yourself be seen and loved 💜

Have you had enough?

Are you ready to explore life beyond change?

Drop me a message or book a complimentary 15 minute consultation call to enquire and apply for 1-2-1 coaching with me 🤩 you will thank yourself for years to come!

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