It’s thyroid awareness month 🦋

Did you know??

It’s thyroid awareness month 🦋

Quite honestly it didn’t cross my mind to talk about here as it has in previous years because although I have an under active thyroid disorder called Hashimotos, it’s not really a big thing in my life anymore.

After decades of excessive tiredness, struggling with my weight, hair loss, a goitre and basically an ever increasing list of ailments and feeling like the walking dead!

I don’t suffer and I don’t have any symptoms.

I am effectively in remission.

In fact I feel great. Better than I ever did!

And you can too.

In all honesty it’s not a recovery journey for the faint hearted.

It’s for those that have an unwavering desire to be well and live an awesome life.

It’s for those that believe in the innate ability of their body to heal.

And it’s for those willing to do the inner and outer work to create the healing and vitality that they on some level know they can have.

If this is you?

Reach out and connect with me because I’ve done this part of the journey and I know how to get you on the path of healing.

Real healing, not take the edge off and cope mediocrity…

Real healing where you can fully live life, and truly feel alive.

You can of course get there on your own but together as your coach, we can take you on the direct route to the life you want to live.

If this speaks to you, if your soul says yes I am so here for this and I am ready to claim the health that is my divine right then lets get a conversation started to talk about where we begin.

Loving you 💜

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