Let’s talk friend anxiety…

Let’s talk friend anxiety…

It comes up a lot with my clients and so I wanted to touch on it.

Do you find it hard to fully let go and just be yourself when you’re with your friends?

Are you in your head about what to say and then if you do participate, worry about whether or not you said the right thing?

Do you feel like the boring one of the group?

Perhaps you feel like the outsider in a group of friends?

Do you worry your friends don’t like you?

Find it hard to reach out to them for fear of being rejected or merely tolerated?

I can say with confidence that you are judging yourself way more harshly than how you think your friends are judging you…

If you’d like some help to learn to like yourself so that you can get out of your head and into the present moment and enjoy the relationships with those you love, and even make new friends, then I’d love to support you.

I’d love to help you let go of self doubt, free yourself from judgement and step into your power.

You deserve nothing less than love, acceptance and fulfilling friendships 💜

Just send me a message and we’ll have a chat about how coaching can help you.

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