My life is not perfect and yet my life is perfect all at the same time.

My life is not perfect and yet my life is perfect all at the same time.

I really felt this today as I was with my daughter in the sunshine.

I’ve found a level of surrender to what is, previously unavailable to me.

When I say I found it I didn’t stumble across it by chance… I diligently crafted it with an unwavering commitment to my personal growth.

It’s easy to understand the concept of what we resist persists and that what we embrace dissolves, yet to embody it is a whole other thing!

Only in walking the path myself can I guide other women to a place where they know on a deep level that it is safe for them to surrender to what is knowing the resistance creates their suffering and frustration.

And to release the fear that surrendering to what is means they will stay stuck there as they trust that the acceptance is what allows them to transform it.

My soul clients will often describe themselves as ‘a bit of a control freak’ and feel frustrated with multiple areas of their life.

They will feel tired under the weight of all that they have to be on top of and control, yet don’t know how to stop controlling or be supported by others.

If this rings true for you?

If you’re ready to come with an open mind and are committed to creating the inner shifts that allow you to loosen the reigns on life, slow down and feel able to trust so that you can feel energised, blessed with all the time you need and feel supported by life, send me a message to enquire about the ways I can help you create this transformation 💜

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