People with anxiety irritate me!

People with anxiety irritate me!

Wait hear me out…

They did irritate me because they’d mirror back to me a part of me that I didn’t like.

A part of me that I’d rejected.

A part of me I’d judged negatively for fear that others would judge me negatively.

All this was taking place on a subconscious level of course, I didn’t know that’s why anxiety in others would bother me.

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I experienced anxiety I would have said no not at all!

‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ was my motto 💪🏾💪🏾

Turns out I did experience anxiety but I was so in denial of it I had no awareness of the fact it was an automatic response to push it down.

Imagine that…

I didn’t even know I was anxious 🤯

It was such an inherent part of my way of being I didn’t recognise it’s existence.

Looking back now it’s obvious!

I could never sit still…

I was an overachiever…

My mind was constantly on the go…

I just had to be doing something…

I had coping strategies (well until they no longer worked and I burned out two, almost three times!) for pushing through any fear, so why couldn’t they?!

Come on, just push harder!

Come on, do it anyway!

My positivity was toxic.

It was fake.

It was overcompensation for the immense amount of anxiety I was feeling.

I just hadn’t known it was anxiety.

People with anxiety no longer irritate me.

Now I have compassion.

Because I have learned to have compassion for the part of me that gets anxious.

That part of me is so much smaller than it ever was.

As the saying goes…

What we resist persists.

What we embrace dissolves.

I embrace the part of me that gets anxious.

I embrace all of me and in doing so become more of what I love about me.

I become more me.

I help women make the unconscious conscious, break free of behaviours that don’t serve them and learn to love all of who they are, so that they can become more of who they are and live a more fulfilling life.

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