Taking 15 mins to enjoy the sunshine in peace


Taking 15 mins to enjoy the sunshine in peace.

Between my daughter, nephew, father and playgroup I found myself feeling quite OVER STIMULATED 🤯

Before healing the relationship with my emotions which allows me to understand how I am actually feeling I would act on this internal discomfort and sort of inner buzzing by doing even more.

This would lead to feeling yet more overstimulated and eventually a need to stop everything and retract from life and/or find ways to numb out (weed/alcohol/TV etc…).

Now that I understand what I’m feeling is overstimulation, I deliberately make room for me to be still and quiet to CALM my nervous system 🧘‍♀️

This prevents me reaching a point where I just have to stop (usually at inconvenient times).

In years gone by with no awareness of how I was feeling I would keep myself in an overstimulated state for days weeks, and even months at a time, and this would contribute to boom and bust cycles aka BURNOUT!

As a burnout coach I help women to reconnect to their feelings and use them as a tool navigate life.

Together we shift their thinking to see that it’s ok to feel and to honour their feelings and to take their foot off the pedal consciously so that they can create more consistent energy for life.

If you experience periods of burnout or perhaps find yourself in one now and want to learn how to do the under the bonnet work to put an end to boom and bust cycles drop me a message to ask me about how we can work together to create a you that feels PEACEFUL, VIBRANT and ENERGISED 💜

Also download my FREE eBook Top 10 Tips To Permanently Shift From Burnout To Living With Vitality

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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