The practice of self inquiry has changed my life.

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The practice of self inquiry has changed my life.

This is purposeful time set aside to connect with myself and explore the conscious and unconscious parts of my way of being.

Sometimes a person or situation will provide a prompt, other times I use tarot or oracle cards and today essential oils.

I’ve felt something emotional bubbling below the surface recently but I haven’t felt clear on what it is.

I’ve known I’ve felt a bit stuck and hindered but not sure why.

Having done some yoga I felt a strong urge to pull out my essential oils collection (though if you look around my house they’re all over the place, I might be a little obsessed 🙊).

I allowed my intuition to guide me to Fennel and Lemon.

I popped them in my diffuser and they smell great but the reason for diffusing them is greater than their pleasant smell.

Essential oils support healing of our emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual health.

I know these oils will help to surface the emotions and limiting beliefs that I haven’t been aware of but have been creating my stuckness.

I have a wonderful book that captures the emotional connection to each oil and I use this to inform my thinking and journaling from a place of curiosity 📔

On first glance I wanted to reject a lot of what’s said in the book.

Sometimes the truth can be hard to swallow…

Yet my ability to love me in my wholeness, my light and shade, allows me to sit with these uncomfortable ideas and explore them about myself from a place of compassion and objectivity, knowing this will bring me clarity, peace and healing ❤️

What I’ve described here is part of my toolkit for navigating life with ease and resilience. I’ve built this toolkit over the years on my journey from BURNOUT to living HAPPY and HEALTHY ⚡️⚡️

How would your life feel different if you had a potent toolkit?

I work with women who desire to learn and create all the tools I’ve described above;

💜 Making yourself a priority amidst the busyness of life

💜 Increasing self awareness and a powerful ability to introspect

💜 Utilising the available prompts for self reflection

💜 Noticing emotions and connecting with them

💜 Connection to intuition and inner guidance

💜 Awareness of holistic healing modalities

💜 The ability to sit with uncomfortable truths about yourself with compassion

💜 Self love, kindness and acceptance

💜 The know how to consciously create peace and shift your energy

And so much more 💜

My expertise is coaching women who are stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and burned out.

If this is you and you’re ready to build a toolkit that sees you bouncing back?

I currently have two 1-2-1 coaching spots available.

To explore and apply, if we are an aligned fit send me a message 💜

And to get started on your bounce back right now download my FREE eBook –
Top 10 Tips To Permanently Shift From Burnout To Living With Vitality

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