This is the place I come to meet myself.

This is the place I come to meet myself.

Yoga is more than exercise to me, it’s the place I come to for self inquiry.

Creating this space allows me to connect with how busy my head is, how shallow my breath is, how fast my heart is.

In this space I can connect to my thoughts, my feelings and my needs.

I did an interview with a university student this morning on the growing commercialisation of self care in the wellness industry…

My overriding message is this – Self care is nothing that comes from outside of you.

It is loving yourself well enough to create space in your day to connect with yourself, to truly knowing yourself.

She asked me what about those people that say they don’t have time?

We all have time for what we consider a priority…

If you are struggling to find this time, even just 5 minutes a day with your journal, be self aware enough to recognise you need help to love yourself well enough to become a priority.

For deeply knowing yourself is what will set you free from that which holds you down, and propels you into living a life with more happiness.

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