What trait in other people really triggers you?

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What trait in other people really triggers you?
Laziness, selfishness, not finishing things?
What if I said that we are all, all things…
Could what irritates you in others be a reflection of what you don’t like within yourself?
Many of the women I coach find certain traits in others very irritating. To the point of distraction at times!
Let’s take laziness for example…
When we dig a little deeper we often find that it’s a quality they dislike about themselves.
Perhaps as a child there was some guilt about being unproductive.
Perhaps laziness was frowned upon.
As an adult they carry guilt for doing nothing and consequently find it hard to switch off (at least not without guilt).
But we are all, all things!
Typically we find they have a lack of acceptance for any laziness within them and they have to work quite hard to deny it.
Part of the irritation at laziness in others can be as a result of not understanding how they can’t also deny it…
A frustration at others for being able to rest without guilt whilst they continue to be productive relentlessly.
But what if they renamed laziness to resting?
What if they recognised that resting is an important part of productivity?
I help women to embrace and unconditionally love all aspects of themselves so that they can give themselves and others a break.
Ready to improve the relationship with yourself and others? I’d love to coach you to self acceptance.
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