Do you know that you’re a people pleaser and that it makes you unhappy…

Do you know that you’re a people pleaser and that it makes you unhappy but don’t know how to stop or how to be any other way?

At the core of people pleasing is a fear of being abandoned if we don’t do/be/say what others expect of us.

So it’s very easy to say you’ve got to stop people pleasing and much more challenging to actually make the change…

I am a powerful and impactful coach helping women to create awareness of their patterns and how they are holding them back in life, keeping them stuck, sick and unhappy.

I support them through doing the inner work so that they can create new patterns and ways of being that lead to a more joyous and energetic experience of life.

If you are a people pleaser and yet don’t get the validation, acceptance, commitment and fulfilling relationships that you desire in return?

If you feel unseen, unheard, unwanted and generally worn out by it all?

You need my help.

We need to sit in a coaching space together and work through this.

You can stay stuck and keep deferring how you feel to others…?

Or you can take ownership of your own happiness by committing to your growth and working with me.

Reach out and let’s have a conversation about how I can help you 💜

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