I quite often get memories like this…

I quite often get memories like this…

It’s a stark reminder of how my mindset has grown since then.

I was tired!

Tired of the war inside my mind.

Tired of not feeling enough.

Every thought we have creates a physical response.

Let’s take a fear of flying…

You don’t have to get on the plane for your hands to start shaking or your heart to start pounding.

You only need to think about getting on the plane!

If the thought is negative it prompts the body’s stress response as the brain doesn’t know the difference between a physical threat and an emotional threat.

I had so many negative thoughts about myself and how unsafe life was that I found myself in a state of chronic stress.

Over time this led to malfunction in my body and I ended up with a long list of health complaints.

It’s no coincidence that now my mindset is strong and positive that my body is also thriving!

Thoughts matter.

What is the quality of your thoughts?

If you’re not sure, start by taking stock of your physical health.

If you want some help with understanding how your thoughts are affecting your health or how to improve the quality of your thoughts, you can reach out to me.

I’m here to help 💜

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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