I’m curious, did you stuff your face with chocolate this weekend?

I’m curious, did you stuff your face with chocolate this weekend?

Did it end a winning streak of healthy eating?

Is this a common pattern for you…?

Do really well ✅

And then fall off the wagon 😑

Big time!

Then can’t get back into the healthy eating for weeks, maybe months?

Are you all or nothing?

Eat really well or eat really poorly?

If this sounds familiar we need to talk about how I can help you end this cycle of all or nothing which ultimately keeps you from achieving your health and body goals.

We need to share a space and get curious about your patterns, specifically those that are holding you back and help you to create new patterns that keep you on track and feeling proud of yourself.

Or you can keep kidding yourself that it will be different this time as you stuff your face some more promising you’ll be back on it tomorrow, only to stuff your face tomorrow too…

If you were going to break this pattern alone you would have done it by now.

I say this with love and experience, you need a coach guiding you through this to help you see what you’re not seeing.

Send me a message and tell me your struggle and I’ll see if I can help you ❤️

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