I’ve felt a bit frazzled this last week truth be told…

I’ve felt a bit frazzled this last week truth be told…

Between being an ambitious self employed coach and a single mother to a 16 month old beauty, there’s not a lot of ‘off’ time.

And I choose this life. I want this. I am very willing to put in the hard graft to make my dreams a reality.

What’s different between Natalie now and Natalie of 6 years ago (pre burnout) is a deep love for myself and a beautiful awareness.

This love for me has reconnected me to my body, now I notice when my energy is dropping and I respond with rest and empathy.

This love for me notices when my patience is becoming thinner and asks me ‘what do you need?’.

This love for me hears the ‘do more’ inner chatter but doesn’t feel obligated to listen.

This love for me knows its ok to say no or I don’t want to and doesn’t feel guilty.

This love for me said you’re having the morning off Nat and you’re going to stretch your body, watch your favourite show whilst you eat delicious food you made and then you’re going to make a pumpkin flower posy.

You see burnout recovery and prevention takes more than just rest…

It takes a massive mindset shift to break out of the deeply engrained habit of pushing until you drop, in a boom and bust cycle.

It takes understanding the inner workings of your mind and belief system.

It takes commitment to loving you better and creating a new way of being.

A rest alone only buys you a bit of time before the next crash…

And those crashes are so disruptive to your life and business/career. Everything comes to a halt, and the pressure of all there is to be done and all the people you’re letting down whilst you are on a period of enforced rest is suffocating!

If you’re ready to create a more consistent and balanced way of being without affecting your progress and productivity, reach out and lets talk about how we can work together to get you firing on all cylinders without affecting your wellbeing 💜

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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