Let’s talk about gaslighting!

Let’s talk about gaslighting!

It’s when someone makes you feel that what you’re seeing or feeling isn’t real.

What’s less often talked about is how we can gaslight ourselves…

Let’s take a scenario where you feel sad but you tell yourself you shouldn’t feel sad or to pull yourself together and get on with it.

That’s you gaslighting you… that’s you telling you that what you feel isn’t real or valid.

Is it any less harmful when it’s you gaslighting you rather than another gaslighting you? No!

And that sadness doesn’t go away either, in fact its rather persistent and increases in intensity.

And yet you keep gaslighting you.

And you keep feeling sad.

Sorry to break it to you but nothing is changing if nothing changes.

If you want to break out of self gaslighting and learn to acknowledge your emotions so that they can come and then go as designed rather than sticking around in a way that creates suffering?

Connect with me, as a recovered self gaslighter I can coach you to break this cycle of suffering making way for more happiness 💜

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