Mind monkey 🐵

So your family is looking after your baby so you can work and you want to do yoga…

Who the bloody hell do you think you are???

What will they say?

Will they think I’m taking the piss?

Yep that’s the chatter that went on in my head this week!

My old programming says that to be effectively using the time I should be DOING.

I should be working through a list of quantifiable actions with clear and effective outcomes.

I should be pushing hard and squeezing every last drop out of the time available.

And that’s exactly how I operated for many years.

First in the corporate world leading to two burnouts and then later at the start of running my own business, fortunately I caught the pattern before reaching a third burnout, it was a near miss!

In recent years I’ve become aware of the concept of masculine and feminine energies.

Now before anyone jumps on me, which has happened when I’ve written about this topic in the past…

I’m not talking about male and female, I’m talking about masculine and feminine energies, we all carry both energies regardless of our pronoun.

There’s a lot more to it but in short masculine energy is largely concerned with DOING and the feminine with BEING.

Throughout my life I’ve been very heavily in my masculine energy at the expense of my feminine energy.

This imbalance is what led to my burnouts…

So I’m saying shhh 🤫 to the mind monkey.

I’ll be doing the yoga in my ‘work’ time and I’ll throw in some meditation too.

I might even add some arts and crafts! The feminine energy harnesses my creative side.

It stirs my passion and ideas.

I’ll then use the masculine energy to act on and execute them.

If you’d like to know more about our masculine and feminine energies and how you can balance and use them to effect…

Come and join my group Professional Women Wellness Hub where I’ll be doing a live on the topic next week.

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