As we learn the art of deeply loving ourselves, we gain an ability to reclaim ownership of our emotions.

We stop making others responsible for how we are feeling.

We stop giving away our power.

We move from I feel jealous so you need to reassure me to ➡️
I feel like I am not enough, how can I reassure myself?

From I feel lonely you need to spend more time with me to ➡️
I feel disconnected from myself how can I help myself feel supported?

From I feel unloved by you, you need to love me differently to ➡️
I accept love from you in the way you’re able to give it because I know that love comes from within me.

We are no longer at the mercy of another.

Our happiness is no longer in the hands of someone else.

In learning to love ourselves deeply and owning our emotions we become empowered.

Below are the ways I help women shift from disempowered to EMPOWERED.

If my offers feel like the medicine your soul seeks send me a message to learn more 👉🏾

💜 1-2-1 Coaching: Bespoke package –
This is a jointly designed program to facilitate your inner healing and self awareness so you can create a version of you that feels authentic, safe, confident, empowered and whole.

Includes; Life Coaching, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Shadow work, Soul Purpose, Reiki Energy Healing, Meditation

💜 Coaching: Single session –
A powerful one hour session to laser in on a specific issue or block, creating a level of awareness that allows you to move beyond what has been holding you back in a specific area of life.

This includes 7 days post session Voxer follow up to support your integration of new awarenesses.

💜 Soul Purpose Reading –
This reading will give you a greater understanding of who you are, who you are becoming, your unique gifts, talents and potential, and the unconscious parts of yourself to be healed.

This deeper level of self awareness and reconnection to your soul give you the knowledge to pivot your life and come into alignment with your innate self, hearts desires and soul purpose.

45 minute video recording, 45 minute subsequent coaching session, 7 days Voxer follow up to support your integration.

💜 Distance Reiki Healing –
A gentle and effective energy healing to bring balance and harmony to mind, body and soul. Especially beneficial for those experiencing burnout, anxiety, depression, stress, hormonal issues and chronic health complaints.

1 hour distance healing session, all downloads shared with you post session, 7 days Voxer support.

💜 Personalised Meditation and Coaching Session –
Meditation is a powerful tool for creating new and more empowering ways of thinking, reducing stress, increasing self awareness and physical healing amongst many other benefits. When the meditation is created specifically for you the results are even more profound on your healing and happiness.

Following a 30 minute coaching session you will receive a 15 minute personalised meditation which is yours to keep for life.

I’d love to support you in a way that feels good to us both 💜

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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