Do you find yourself apologising all the time?

I had one client who would apologise for using my toilet…

They would also apologise for talking, not knowing the answer immediately and even for taking up my time – which they had paid for!

In the beginning it would be the most used word throughout our sessions…

They were basically apologising for their existence and for taking up space in the world, like they were doing something wrong just by being here!

Over apologising can have a serious impact on self esteem and contributes to feeling undeserving.

I invite you to tune into the word sorry and make a conscious effort to clock how many times a day you apologise.

If you find it’s on the excessive side and would like to improve your self esteem in a coaching space I would love to have a chat to see if we are a good fit to take you to a place where you own your space with confidence 🔥🔥

Stop apologising!

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