Let me bring this to life for you.

Let me bring this to life for you.

We can get so caught in believing we need to be different or more than we innately are that we forget (or maybe never knew) that just by being ourselves we can have such a beautiful impact.

Let me bring this to life for you.

I’ve just arrived in my favourite coffee shop to work 🫖

I’ve not seen this particular server in several weeks yet today she greeted me by name and remembered my regular order.

She made me smile and my heart sing, because she made me feel seen, noticed and memorable, just by being who she is naturally.

This is a wonderful reminder for us all that when we be who we are we light others up 💜

Perhaps just being yourself is challenging for you?

You’re not alone, this was a huge struggle for me personally and so many of my clients.

Life, upbringing, society etc serves to disconnect us from ourselves and for many of us it becomes hard to be ourselves with recognition of our natural talents and qualities because we have no idea who we really are, only who we feel we are expected to be…

Some clear signs you are a little or a lot lost from your true self –
🤯 You identify as a people pleaser
🤯 You regularly feel worn out with low energy, perhaps at the stage of burnout
🤯 You have little awareness of what you enjoy or are passionate about
🤯 You scrutinise and filter what you say and do
🤯 You feel as if you are just going through the motions of life
🤯 You struggle with low self esteem and to name positive qualities and attributes about yourself

If you resonate with these and would love to feel more like yourself with a strong sense of who you are so that you can show up authentically, have more energy, more passion and more enjoyment of life?

I can help you get there 💜

Contact me to explore whether 1-2-1 coaching or becoming Vitalise! Member is the most aligned fit for you right now.

P.S In response to this lovely lady being who she is I BE’d who I am.

I shared how wonderful she made me feel and had really made an impact with such a simple gesture.

I helped her to see this wonderful quality about herself which in discussing it, became clear she had no awareness of this talent of hers.

Now that she does she can use this super power of hers in a conscious way and amplify her magical impact on others.

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