Today for the first time I looked in the mirror at my naked face and I liked it.

Today for the first time I looked in the mirror at my naked face and I liked it.

I actually preferred it!

This came as a surprise to me to be honest.

There have been times I have genuinely hated my face.

My skin was really spotty for a long while and though that’s so much better now I have a number of visible scars and marks.

Over the years I’ve gone to many lengths to cover up my real look – make up, straighteners, blemish removers and filters.

The last 18 months have been a journey in accepting how I really look.

I realise now that my physical appearance is a proxy for my true self, my essence, my soul.

I have not only hated my face but I have also hated myself.

I see now those scars on my face represent the parts of me that I have considered flaws.

Like the marks on my face I have gone to great lengths to hide those parts of me.

Today I realised just how much I have grown and how my dedication to my inner healing work has led me to a place of self acceptance.

Today I can show the marks on my face and know that I am beautiful.

Today I can show you the flaws in my soul and know that I am lovable.

I won’t feel like this every day.

Some days I’ll revert back.

I am but human after all.

However, I have way more self accepting days than days where I don’t like myself.

Healing doesn’t happen in a straight line, there are ups and downs and that’s ok.

That in itself is part of the journey.

Healing is a journey with many layers to it.

This time next year I know I’ll love myself in ways I can’t even imagine right now.

Here’s to loving me.

All of me.

Flaws and all.

P.S. I bring all of my learnings together in my 8 week online group coaching program – The Journey Back To You

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